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Pre-book your accommodation

It's fairly easy to pre-book your accommodation for every night on the camino, if that is your want. We will stay in small cities, villages and hamlets (yes, hamlets... lol). These destinations are small - even if you're in your own hotel, you're only a hundred yards from everyone else. So, depending on your needs, your desires and finances, feel free to book your own places. I've set up a link for each city to help you focus your booking. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please use the links below to book your accommodation - there are many towns in Spain with the same name, so I don't want you to walk into a village only to find you've booked a hundred miles away. 

Oviedo, Spain

Oviedo is an historical city, founded in 761. We will meet for dinner near the Cathedral. 


There are two destinations on our first day of walking: 

Grado: a small town which has a main plaza (Plaza Mayor) with restaurants, supermarkets (supermercados). There is a new-ish public albergue there. Or you can book one of the two hotels  by clicking on the below link. 

I will be walking about 4kms past Grado (but still on the Camino) to San Juan De Villapanada which is the most amazing albergue on top of a large hill. It has a common kitchen (we'll pick up food in Grado) and one dorm room of bunkbeds. The views and experience are unforgettable. I will book for anyone who wants to join me here on this night.


Tonight, without much choice, you are going to stay in the most unique albergue and enjoy the hospitality of David at the Albergue de Bodenaya. He will do our laundry, homecook the most amazing vegetarian meal and regale you with stories at his fully loaded bar. I'll do the booking.


There are only two places to stay in this hamlet - 10 feet apart from each other. 

Albergue Casa Ricardo


Casa Herminia


Another small hamlet with a small variety of places to book.

Bar Casa Marques (reserve through FB)

Hostel Rural "Camin Antiguo

Hostal Camino Primitivo 

(call for reservations) +34 680 62 50 36

Albergue Municipal de Berducedo

no reservations necessary

Grandas de Salime

La Barra Hotel

Albergue de peregrinos Casa Sanchez

(call for reservations) +34 626 66 51 18

Albergue De Peregrinos De Grandas de Salime

no reservations required


Nice size town with an albergue (Albergue Os Chaos) and small hotels.


Another good size town with good options


Here's your chance to indulge in a 4-star hotel and any number of 21st century eateries and stores. The history of this town will blow you away. Be sure to read up on it. 


You can either spend the night in Ribadiso, which only has albergues, or walk a bit further to a rather industrial, gritty town of Arzua and get a private room.